About Us

M.N.Engineering is a trusted establishment manufacturing high-quality Steel Furniture, Mechanical Construction, Educational Furniture, M.S. Structural Fabrication, Erection and Sheet Metal job. The organization started in 1994 in Odisha and has now come up with rapid fabrication & steel furniture manufacturing and stands on the threshold years of exceptional development. All in all business affairs is managed by Er. Himanshu Shekhar Mishra (Mech.), the Proprietor. Below are some points that will help you know us well:

Our Acknowledgement:

Sustainability powers our business vision and made us capable to be registered with various credible organizations in the market. Our acknowledgements and registrations are as follows:

  • NSIC-CRISIL Ratings-SE 3B
  • Registration with:
  • East Coast Railway
  • The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.
  • District Industries Centre. Industries Deptt. Govt. of Orissa
  • Export Promotion & Marketing. Industries Deptt. Govt. of Orissa

Vision & Mission:

Our Vision is to become an admired company and raise the benchmark of Odisha in Steel fabrication, furnishing, and construction.

Our Mission:

  • Be a leader in manufacturing and supplying niche
  • Utilize the state-of-art with optimum resources
  • Hire, develop and retain skilled workforce
  • Achieve sustainable business growth with good customer relationships
  • Design and fabricate high-quality steel equipment

Quality Assurance:

  • Believe in continual improvement for customer satisfaction
  • Have a dedicated and experienced staff for testing and inspection conduct
  • Subjected to periodic quality audits by certified bodies
  • Special use of ISI marked raw materials
  • Testing Laboratory of Directorate of Export Promotion & Marketing, Industries Deptt. Govt. of Orissa forms the ground of raw materials & finished products testing

M.N.Engineering is a one-stop manufacturing and supplying solution with an assorted range of cost-effective steel products. Since our inception in Odisha in 1994 as a Fabrication & Steel furniture manufacturing company, our main focus was customer prioritization and with our products, we have created awareness among the rural and urban people regarding Steel.

Our venture has a comprehensive array of Shelving Cabinet, Double Joint School Desk, Steel Wardrobe, Mild Steel Grill, Bookcases, Table, Dual Desk Bench, Single Cot Bed, Kids Desk, Mild Steel Kiosk, Double Decker Cot, Glass Door Almirah, Computer Table, Pigeon Hole Almirah, along with Erection and Sheet Metal job, Mechanical construction, Steel furniture (Educational, Domestic, Official and Industrial), and M.S. Structural Fabrication. With experience and business knowledge, we effectively cater steel products to coaching centers, schools, and colleges as well as we have manufactured a series of items for Education & Energy of Govt. of Orissa.

All products are designed to perfection in our state of the art production facility under the supervision of Er. Himanshu Shekhar Mishra (Mech.), the Proprietor who also manages the business affairs of the organization and follows a severe quality policy. The production house meets the standard industrial norms and parameters as well as use ISI marked high-quality material for the valued customer.

Lastly, for 100% satisfaction on our finished goods, we conduct tests on our manufactured products in the Testing Laboratory of Directorate of Export Promotion & Marketing, Industries Deptt. Gov. of Orissa.